I’m a wholesome-on-main self-made woman, a neurosomething human pixel, a graphic, type and web designer, photographer, webmistress, digital and traditional artist, writer, musician, actress, activist and occasional model with a weird and interesting backstory.

Professionally, I’m an Automattician, a developer and engineer, and much, much more~

As of 2020, I’m a variety of Job titles at WordPress VIP.

I was once available for hire for all manner of web, art & design projects, and specialized in sites for startups. If you found your way here, perhaps it was because you’re in need of my skills for a web / art / creative project / job and I sent you here, or a trusted friend, client or business associate of mine has recommended me.

If so, thank you for your consideration, but I’m no longer a freelancer. I would still be happy to hook you up with one of my associates who can help, or you can contact me at Automattic if your needs are large-scale / enterprise level WordPress hosting or tech partnership.

This site is a minimal reference outpost for my CV and links to my significant works and bodies of work, past and present.

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contact: [email protected]